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Complete Digital Workflow

We can now “digitalize” you!

Using 3D imaging, scans, digital photos, videos etc.

we now have all the information to perfectly recreate your virtual mouth and face! Using this data, along with the principles of Digital Smile.

Design, we can more efficiently plan, organise and carry out your treatment from start to finish. Computer-planned treatments allow us much greater success in fulfilling the commitments agreed with our patients. Well planned treatments usually require 20 to 30% fewer appointments and time.

Any necessary devices such as splints and provisionals can be pre-fabricated allowing more procedures to be done at the same visit.

In addition, we can communicate with other specialist colleagues e.g. orthodontist, laboratory dental technician without you needing to be seen directly by them.

We can reap the benefits of a multi-disciplinary team approach, without everyone needing to be under one roof!

Using digital 3D technology we can “perform” the treatments first, testing virtually the options before even touching your mouth! Margins of error are reduced and dentistry becomes more precise, accurate and guaranteed to create a final result which follows the initial design.Guided 3D implant surgery also allows procedures to be more delicate and accurate, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time.

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