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What is a digital smile donator?

What is a digital smile donator?

Wondering what a digital smile donator is? Do you have a friend or family member whose smile you have always admired? Now using Digital Smile Donator we can transfer the “donor’s” smile to you, the “receiving patient!”.

If you have accurate records of yourself when younger, we can even go back in time and recreate your own youthful smile!

Digital Technology allows that the Scan Donator files are prepared and imported to the library of the 3D Smile Design Software.

The natural shapes of the donator are than used over the model of the patient to design the new smile.Finally, the smile design is adjusted to the patient’s face.

The Smile Design project is printed and the mock-up is preformed, so we can do facial pictures with the mock-up to be presented to the patient. You can see what you would look like with a copy of a smile you have always admired!

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