One visit dentistry with Cerec technology to create laboratory-strength aesthetic crowns and bridges in a couple of hours not a couple of weeks. We can prepare beautiful all ceramic crowns and bridges within the surgery using our Cerec scanner and milling machine in one visit in just a couple of hours.

What to know before crowns and bridges

Is this for me?

If you:

  • Have a tooth which has been broken/weakened by decay or a very large filling.
  • Want to replace a missing tooth without having any dental surgery.
  • Don´t want to have to have messy impression materials in your mouth that make you gag.
  • Worry about having a temporary crown or bridge in place for a week.
  • Are a busy individual who finds it hard to make multiple dental visits.
  • Want a final, high quality, strong ceramic restoration that looks natural (with no dark metal lines).

Then, digital in- house laboratory made ceramic crowns and bridges could be your best answer!

Procedure Time

After the initial consultation and planning visits we can go straight to making your new crown/bridge in just one single appointment.

First, we prepare the teeth (using local anesthesia) and can also offer intravenous sedation if you are particularly nervous.

We then use our scanner to take images of your teeth and send this to our in-house milling machine.

Normally patients will leave for about an hour or so to get a coffee or do shopping while we mill the new ceramic crown/bridge and put the finishing touches of glazing and characterization.

On your return we try in and with your approval we cement it straight away! Walk out with a new crown or bridge the same day!

Treatment Beyond

You must keep up with your daily flossing and brushing and see our hygienist at least twice each year. Regular dental examinations and a sensible diet are needed to ensure no decay develops around the edges of the new crowns.

Happy Patients


Larry, 2018

” In my opinion, Nina and her staff are the best in Marbella! Thanks for helping me Nina, I really appreciate it.”