A tooth colored resin is used to fix chipped or misaligned teeth. If this covers the entire front facing of the tooth it is also known as a composite veneer.

Advances in material science have allowed us to have even more natural looking materials which when carefully crafted can be used to change colour, shape and size of teeth.

We can achieve a great look for you with this material in a relatively shorter time at a more economic price.

From a health point of view, these composites or white filling materials are an alternative to the traditional silver amalgam fillings when repairing tooth decay. Being mercury-free, there is no concern of leakage of mercury vapor over time which is known to occur with the metal/ silver amalgam fillings.

All you need to know about composite bonding!

Is this for me?

So, if you want to

  • Lighten the color of your teeth permanently by a significant amount.
  • Make your teeth longer and more noticeable.
  • Close unsightly spaces between the teeth.

However, it may not be the best option if you smoke, drink lots of red wine and coffee as these materials will pick up more staining over time and require regular maintenance and polishing.

Procedure Time

This will depend on surfaces and number of teeth being done at the one time. Some mock-up work is required beforehand with the photographs, models and planning done at the initial appointments.

However, as it is a direct application, if using for cosmetic veneers these can be done in a single visit. Some patients prefer the bonding process over porcelain veneers or crowns (indirect restorations) as is requires fewer treatment visits however the overall time in the dental chair tends to be longer.

Treatment Beyond

Tooth bondings should be brushed and flossed like natural teeth. Good oral hygiene and regular checks are essential. Composite bonding will attract stains over time particularly along the edges and if patients are smokers or have a diet regularly involving coffee, red wine or other colorants. In some patients, the material may need touching up or re-polishing as often as every few months.

Happy Patients


Sophie, 2020

” Really happy with my teeth! They are Amazing! Once the numbing cream wore off haha, I was really happy with the results! “