Teeth whitening and
Dental cleaning/polishing

Simply by whitening your teeth you can look years younger and feel an added confidence whenever you smile!

We always recommend a general cleaning and polishing beforehand to remove plaque, tartar and any staining. Then we can use an in- house system, tray whitening at home or a combination of both to lift the color of your smile by a few tones lighter.

For in surgery whitening, after protecting the lips and gums, a gel is placed directly on the teeth for 3 rounds. We do not use light activation as this is known to cause more sensitivity.

We strongly recommend that you follow up with home whitening in custom trays for a few hours a day for the next 3 days.

We make these trays at the first visit and they can be used for future top-ups by yourself at home.

All you need to know about teeth whitening!

Is this for me?

If you

  • Have healthy teeth with no decay or gum problems.
  • Have no front fillings or crowns or veneers (these won´t whiten).
  • Want to brighten the colour of your teeth by a few shades.
  • Don´t smoke, drink lots of red wine or eat lots of curries (these can stain the teeth).

Then whitening may be a simple and effective solution for you!

Procedure Time

The cleaning and polishing visit will be done beforehand on a separate visit to reduce the risk of any sensitivity. This takes around 45 minutes and moulds will be taken for custom trays. Having the whitening in the surgery will take around 60 minutes, followed by use of your custom trays at home for 3 days for 4-6 hours.

Treatment Beyond

Recommended to avoid smoking, red wine, curries and other heavily stained food substances in the period following treatment May need to be topped up.

Happy Patients



” I am very satisfied with the result of my teeth whitening done by Dr Nina King. I see a clear difference in the result compared to before. I highly recommend this treatment and this clinic.”

(Nina Jorgensen )